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As an Educational Coach and Consultant I work with clients of all ages. I focus on the traits not the diagnosis. For any individual, the sum of their traits defines a beautiful and unique way of being.

In this day and age with so many different labels from learning disabilities to AD/HD to autism, the truth lies not in the label but in the strategies and skills one has for thriving and enjoying life. This perspective allows me to work with clients of all ages from a strength-based approach, which allows for much greater success. My goal is to help clients learn how to unlock their gifts and leverage these talents by learning and using life skills, learning strategies and organizational tools as well as developing greater self-awareness.

Coaching is a unique process in which we work together towards a common goal. Not unlike a coach for an athlete, I work to help you identify and set your goals, then push you towards reaching them and, of course, celebrate your successes with you. All the while, you will be learning more about yourself, your child and their strengths and challenges.

I work in partnership with parents and students to address issues that can feel defeating and overwhelming: a child struggling to succeed in school and life.

Together naked celebrities we will turn this around and work to create a positive world for your child and you. I will proactively navigate the issues at school with the school staff to form a team. I will talk about parenting issues and difficulties as needed and find real strategies that really work for you and your child in your home.

Within our partnership, I will guide you to learn more about your child and how he/she thinks and functions. I will challenge you to look at the situation in a new way and push aside old ways of thinking. Together we will develop a new, refreshing approach in which your child can flourish and you can feel great as a parent.

I celebrity porn will work with your child to determine his/her strengths and talents and to identify weak areas. With those determined, I come up with creative ways to approach school tasks, home tasks, friendships, etc… that leverage those strengths. Along with this, we learn new strategies to shore up the weak areas. Your child comes away feeling empowered to advocate for him/herself and to confidently approach situations that have always been overwhelming or intimidating. And we have fun while doing this!

What does a coaching session look like?
I use a flexible framework for each session in which we cover the following:
    ▪    organizational skills (as relates to both stuff and time)
    ▪    study skills (work smarter not harder)
    ▪    determining one's learning style
    ▪    developing new habits to be more effective in school and life
    ▪    healthy living

I address these topics as the opportunities present. For example, if a student has a quiz to study for, I take this opportunity to address some new study strategies. While working on a homework assignment with him/her, I'll see ways that s/he is working too hard for the results s/he is getting. For some fun, I will use learning styles inventories to investigate the way her/his brain learns and thinks. By providing water and healthy snacks, I emphasize the need to care for one's brain with hydration, nutrition and exercise. With all of this, s/he will start to take more ownership for his/her learning than s/he has before, s/he will eventually feel more empowered and more confident.

• Understand strengths & challenges and how they impact your life
toon porn Clarify and define your goals
• Learn and implement strategies that fit your needs and your life
• Recognize and celebrate your successes
• Advocate for yourself and/or your child
A Few Benefits of Coaching - Parents
• Reduce stress around homework, chores and behavior
• Create a calmer home
gay cocks Develop a happier child
• Feel empowered to handle any difficult situation
mobile porn tube Reduce friction in the family
• Improve relationships with school staff
Students of all Ages
3d hentai porn Increase productivity at school
• Pay attention with less effort
• Enjoy school
• Make friends more easily
celebrity sex videos Get your parents “off your back”
gaysex Accomplish more in less time
• Feel less confused and more confident

Hiring naked celebrities A Coach
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TUTORING - A professional educator provides private instruction in a one-on-one setting.

Who would benefit from tutoring?
    ▪    Homeschooled students throughout the year.
    ▪    Students in need of enrichment or skills maintenance during the summer.

How do you serve homeschooled students?
We support homeschool families by providing instruction in math, in writing, and in reading for 1st through 12th grade students. My instruction is tailored to the neurodevelopmental needs of the student as well as his/her learning style, interests, and goals. Family values around education and lifestyle are paramount to the instruction and support I offer. I help families with curriculum choice based on all of the factors above.

Why do students need tutoring in the summer?
Simply put, to prevent summer brain drain. Research shows that over the summer students lose skills they have gained. A break of 3 to 4 weeks at the end of the school year is wonderful for the brain that has worked so hard throughout the school year. Breaks are indeed necessary for learning. It is during these breaks that the brain consolidates new information and integrates it with existing knowledge and skills. However, after about 3 weeks of break from skills practice, the brain begins to lose some of what was gained. Summer is usually ten weeks for most students – a break that is longer than the brain needs. Thus it is important to practice skills during the summer break in order for a student to maintain skills and start off on a solid foot in the fall.
Summer is also a wonderful time for out-of-the-box learning opportunities. I offer tutoring for students who need and want to focus on a specific area throughout the summer. Areas include:
    ▪    Math
    ▪    Writing
    ▪    Reading

How do I find out more about hiring you for my student?


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