"Susan Morse is like a little charm that I keep in my pocket to pull out and ask a question when I need to refocus."

- Mackenzie, age 8


"I Lesbian Porn just wanted to give a huge thanks to you for helping me with the SAT practice. My reading score went from 530 to 580! My math score went from 460 to 490!. I wanted a math score of 500, but I feel good about what I got. I also just found out I got into one of my top schools. This was one of the schools I needed to raise my scores for. Thak you so much for all your help!"

- J.M., high school senior




"Susan Morse has been a formidable leader in outside-the-box learning for my son. With her constant encouragement he was able to excel well beyond grade level in math and establish a strong foundation for the next grade level. It gives me a lot of courage as a homeschooling mom to know she is there to assist my son and myself in our homeschooling journey."

-Beth Gardner, parent and Ethan Gardner, student



"Susan Cowan Morse has been a very positive influence on our family! Our son has had trouble getting his schoolwork done since first grade. We finally got a diagnosis of ADHD and found Susan in his freshman year of high school and she has made our lives so much better. We were able to stop the nagging and fighting at home. Susan dealt with him in a professional manner and he responded to that. She has helped us through several crises with kindness, understanding, and a bucketful resources and suggestions. She has always been there for us. Thank you Susan from the Barss family!"


- Kathy VanWeelden Barss


“Susan gave me creative, practical strategies for use with my special needs child at home. In addition, she was an amazing advocate for my child and I at school. Not only did she visit his classroom and give strategies to his teachers to implement, she accompanied me and supported me at 504 meetings. I'd highly recommend Susan to any parent or child with a special need!"


- Cindy Best, parent

"Not every kid puts the brakes on in the same way. Susan is great at working with different learning styles and making people feel good about themselves. Susan does a wonderful job keeping her clients focused during sessions and teaching them to maintain focus on their own. She's a great coach. I recommend her to any family who wants to get back on track.”

- Carol Shepard, parent

"Our family has been fortunate to have Susan working with us as an ADHD Coach for our son. Her perspectives, knowledge and interpersonal characteristics have been most helpful to us all. Her versatility in supporting our son in his studies at school, learning life long strategies, being an effective member of his education team and guide to parents of children with ADHD combined, gives her clients a person for aid on all fronts."

- gay boy porn Patty McGoldrick, parent

“Upon recommendation of a friend, we consulted with Susan for help when our daughter was initially diagnosed with AD/HD and having a difficult time at school. Susan was instrumental in helping guide our family through a challenging time, and putting together processes to help our daughter. Through Susan's consultations, I have learned so much more about how my daughter's brain works and the way that she thinks and approaches situations. My daughter has also learned from Susan valuable strategies to implement both at home and school.

Susan is often seen at school plays or performances which is a testament to how supportive she is of her clients. Susan's consultations have also helped our family function better as a whole, and have taught me how to be a better advocate for my children.” 

-Mary celebrity sex tapes Bourque, parent

“Susan is a joy to work with. She is very knowledge in her field and is creative in her ideas and the implementation of them.” 

- Pipere Sailor, parent

“Susan cartoon porn comics has been working with my daughter for the last two years and has made a huge impact on our lives. She has helped to boost my daughter's self confidence in learning and her learning style. She is remarkable in how she connects to her students on an individual level and customizes their learning experience for their own personal strengths and weaknesses. I don't know how we would have survived middle school without her!”

- Sarah Smith, parent

“Susan is very knowledgeable and was able to make a fast connection with my sons. They looked forward to working with her on a weekly basis and she helped them to become more organized and improve their grades in school. She was also helpful to me as a parent, educating me on some of the differences in an "ADHD brain!" She is highly recommended!!”

-Cynthia gay male sex Weinberger, OT/L, CHT, parent

“Susan 3d hentai porn has a way with kids, much patience, and most importantly, respect for each child and their individual learning style. She's great with parents, too!

She has really helped my son with organization and is currently helping him find ways to be a better student. By this I mean, she is helping discover who he is as a learner and how he can use his strengths and minimize his weaknesses in often distracting environments.

I not only recommend Susan, I believe in her ability to help kids feel good about themselves!”

-Joyce Shor Johnson, parent



“Insightful solutions for growth and change” aptly describes Susan's Coaching business. Susan’s insights are clear, sharp and accurate. She will size up a situation with your child (or you) quickly, and she will do it with your child barely knowing that she’s doing more than having idle conversation.

Susan's genuine warmth and true compassion are extremely rare in our world. To work with Susan is to be all you can be. She motivates her clients while making them laugh, and brings out the very best in them. As a colleague of hers, I can confidently and unequivocally say she brings out my best. Susan makes my world better on a regular basis. Thank you, Susan, for all of your energy and inspiration.”

- Carol Williams, Chief Productivity Strategist, EpS: Efficient Productivity Systems




"Susan delivered a fabulous, engaging presentation at our NAPO chapter meeting. Her intelligent, fun style included at least five or six cool props - very engaging. You can tell Susan has a great deal of knowledge about the brain and how it works."

- naked celebrities Susan Fay West -

"I hd mobile porn really enjoyed your presentation this evening at the monthly meeting for NAPO Greater Manchester, NH. You really geared your talk to the level of expertise in the room, and peppered your material with real stories of working with your ADD students. There is so much to know about ADD as it relates to a professional organizer’s work with the children and adults in a family setting and you skillfully answered our questions and gave us tangible tools to use to do a better job. Thank you."

- Elizabeth Early Sheehan - Sheehan & Early Hypnosis Center


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