SSAT, SAT, & ACT Coaching

Imagine taking the SSAT, SAT, and ACT test feeling relaxed, confident and in control.quote1
My SSAT, SAT, and ACT Coaching services make this a reality for all students regardless of whether they are taking the tests for the first time or the third.

What is Test Prep Coaching?
This is not just SSAT, SAT, ACT prep. Prep courses typically review material, offer practice tests and cover strategies to a large class of students. My coaching services go beyond this. Services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual according to their learning style, academic strengths/weaknesses, and their score goals.

In your first session, I will assess your needs and help you identify or refine your SSAT/SAT/ACT score goal. During successive sessions, you will focus in on the identified skills that you need to build in order to reach or surpass your goal. Students who achieve the greatest results dedicate time between sessions to practice of skills.   

How do I start?
Please call or email to set up a Discovery Session. This is a session in which I will assess your needs and help you define your goals.
These areas will be assessed in your first session:

  • your ability to perform under pressure
  • the strength of your vocabulary
  • your essay writing skills
  • your comfort level with math
  • your reading comprehension skills

What naked celebrities will I do in my sessions?
Sessions are 60 minutes. Techniques and Skill addressed may include:

  • Relaxation and self-care techniques
  • Essay writing techniques
  • Strategies 3d hentai porn to outthink the test
  • Time-saving techniques
  • Critical videos gays skills to nail the reading passages
  • Easy tricks for identifying sentence errors
  • Fun (YES!) and effective ways to build your vocabulary

Can hd mobile porn you really help me get the score that I want?
I celebrity porn have successfully coached students taking the SSAT/SAT/ACT for the first time and students taking it for a second or third time. Most students have reached their goals and reported feeling more relaxed and in control. The majority of repeat test-takers have increased their scores to their satisfaction.

Can you help my Mom and Dad understand these tests?
SSAT/SAT/ACT naked celebrities Coaching is also for parents! I de-mystify the process for parents so that they may best support their child. I have found that some parents want to better understand the entire SSAT/SAT/ACT process, to be familiar with the online registration and to make sure that they are providing their child with appropriate support and preparation. For these parents, I offer personalized one-on-one sessions to address your needs.


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