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Tap Your Brilliance Learning Studio is a new school conceived of and founded by Susan Cowan Morse, MS. In twenty-five years of working with children of all ages and in various settings, Susan discovered her gift of helping struggling students become confident lifelong learners. See About Us for more about her background.

Tap Your Brilliance Learning Studio is dedicated to nurturing each child to reach his or her full potential while developing one’s sense of purpose in the world. This means that we work with each child to identify his or her innate talents and abilities and we facilitate the nurture and develop of these. We place primary importance on the development of creative and innovative thinking in our learners. We follow a homeschooling model in which we work with the child and parents to design a curriculum from homeschool resources and curriculum. As well, we allow the child and family the same measure of breadth and variety to their learning activities and to their time as homeschooling affords. While we are not yet ready to identify ourselves as a particular type of school, we most closely resemble a type called democratic schools of which Sudbury Valley School in MA is one of the first in the US.

View this link to learn more: How Students Lead the Learning Experience at Democratic Schools

The gay movie award-winning teacher, Nancie Atwell is another role model of ours. Her school in Maine, The Center for Teaching and Learning, is an inspiration and we aim to offer many of the same benefits to our students and teachers as does her model school.

The world's best teacher lives in rural Maine and doesn't care about test scores


Is Tap Your Brilliance Learning Studio right for you?
As parents, you begin sizing up school options when your child is very young. You look at preschools and kindergarten programs through the lens of your own educational experience comparing it with the decisions of your peers. You weigh many facets on an octopus-armed scale. As your child moves through elementary years, you continue to evaluate. And by the time your child is in middle school, he or she begins to have definite opinions about their school experience, which only become heightened and refined in high school.

~ Do you want a your child engaged in a learning journey?
TYBLA is an excellent option for children ages 9 to 18 and their parents that need or want a unique learning journey. This is a viable option for families who have strongly considered homeschooling but hesitate due feeling overwhelmed at the undertaking. And for parents who work full-time and cannot be home to homeschool their children.

~ Would you child enjoy more success in a homelike setting with fewer people?
TYBLA is a great match for children who would benefit from an unique environment in which there are significantly fewer people. Some children are highly sensitive beings and find classes of 25 and schools of 300+ to be overwhelming and anxiety provoking.

~ Does your child hate school?
TYBLA is a good fit for a child who hates school. If you struggle to motivate your child to engage in his or her learning and school assignments and you have tried every strategy imaginable, the our student negotiated, inquiry-based approach will be an effective solution.

~ Does your teenager desire opportunities that are not available?
TYBLA is an excellent choice for the teenager who is disenchanted with school and would prefer to get on with topics that are not available to him or her in the present school whether this be more hands-on, real-life learning or whether it be specialized academic and/or college-level courses.


Foundational Facets of TYBLA Include:

Teachers as Facilitators
At our school, teachers are facilitators. We trust the child’s curiosity to lead them in valuable and appropriate directions for learning. Our teachers know their children as persons and as learners, appreciate their interests, work to become familiar with their needs, and demonstrate this knowledge and awareness as they artfully facilitate each students learning journey. Our teachers are familiar with their student’s current level of performance and the skills they need to develop to arrive at the next level. As we facilitate learning we use a technique called scaffolding to promote learning.

Zone of Proximal Development and Scaffolding

How One Teacher Changed For The Good Of Her Students

What's Going On Inside The Brain Of A Curious Child 


Personalized Program
We recognize that not all learners learn in the same way. Each learner’s curriculum and activities are personalized to meet his/her needs, ability levels and interests. Please click here to view a helpful infographic that explains personalizing learning.

Step By Step: Designing Personalized Learning Experiences For Students


Student-Negotiated celebrity porn and Inquiry-Based Learning
Each learner’s program of study is student-negotiated and inquiry-based. Each learner works with his/her teacher to negotiate choices and pace. We trust that when children follow their innate curiosity it leads them to learning so much more than we could have imagined and at such a deeper and more meaningful level.

Students Tell All: What It's Like To Be Trusted Partners in Learning

What's Going On Inside The Brain Of A Curious Child


Minimal Technology
Creative and innovative thinking are the foundational tools in the world of technology. Indeed, many professionals who work in the technology world value keeping technology minimal in their children’s schools.

A Silicon Valley School That Doesn't Compute

They naked celebrities know that innovative thinking can happen in rich ways with a handful of sticks and stones and free time in the fresh air.  We are committed to allowing children the opportunity to grow as independent thinkers and to use technology as tools when necessary.

Why Reading On A Screen Is Bad For Critical Thinking - Huffington Post


Entrepreneurial Thinking
Learners are encouraged to explore their interests and cultivate their talents. They are encouraged to design products that are needed in the world just as an entrepreneur does. These projects create opportunity for real-life learning while helping develop one’s sense of purpose in the world.

Real-World Math: A Bit Of Trig and Hay For The Horses

Learning more outside of the classroom than in - The Hechinger Report

Deeper Learning
We place value on a child’s understanding the topics he/she is learning. Learners can spend as long as needed on a topic until they have reached a level of understanding sufficient to move to the next topic or level. Also, they can return to previous topics at a later time.

The Math Ceiling: Where’s your cognitive breaking point?

How Relearning Old Concepts Alongside New Ones Makes It All Stick

Report Finds ‘Deeper Learning’ Model Improves Outcomes for All Students

Step By Step, the Journey Towards Freedom From Grade Levels


Getting Along with Others
Learners gay sex video work with each other across ages and ability levels to listen, share, make friends, negotiate difficult circumstances, and more. Every day, we take advantage of opportunities to develop greater self-awareness of one’s emotions and needs so that learners can grow up to be emotionally well-adjusted adults who are able to navigate successful relationships.


Executive Functions
In an increasingly fast-paced world of information overload, we place great value on nurturing the development of executive functions in each learner. They are taught to identify the executive functions that are needed for tasks. Teachers facilitate their learners’ development of self-awareness with these functions which leads to the quickest and most long-term gain of these vital cognitive skills such as organizing, planning, task initiation, pacing, and impulse control.

How Memory, Focus and Good Teaching Can Work Together to Help Kids Learn


A naked celebrities practice of meditation cultivates a level of mindfulness that is and will continue to be necessary for success in life. Bringing a mindful approach to one’s learning allows for deeper learning. Time will be dedicated each day at the TYBLA to meditative practices whether they be quiet, seated meditations or walking, active meditations. No religious dogma will be part of our mindfulness practice though we will focus on breathing, relaxation, gratitude, and compassion for all.

Mindfulness, Neubiology, and Children

Kindergarteners Talk About Mindfulness in "Just Breathe" Short Film


Movement and Time in Nature
Movement is an essential part of learning. The human brain processes information through movement. Learners will have flexibility to move around inside and to use items that facilitate movement like ball chairs. Time in nature is healing and restorative. Combining the two gives an excellent boost to the learning brain. These links provide more information about the brain and movement

Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn

Brain Rules


Love Amateur Porn and Forgiveness
It all boils down to love. At TYBLA, loving compassion for all is the cornerstone of every interaction. Learners are asked to bring a loving spirit. Teachers are asked to make every decision from the place of love. A culture of forgiveness is nurtured.  


Learners and teachers participate in an egalitarian relationship within the community at TYBLA. While some rules are in pre-determined for the safety of all, we participate together in determining how arising situations will be handled. In a weekly meeting every person has the opportunity to share his or her voice.

How Students Lead the Learning Experience at Democratic Schools


Formative Assessment
Learners nude celebrities receive continual, constructive feedback on an ongoing basis. Formative assessment facilitates deeper learning, which is more meaningful and longer-lasting.


Narrative Assessment
Upon hentai porn games the end of each term, learners will engage in reflection on their learning journey and along with their teacher will creative a narrative assessment describing their progress. This type of assessment nurtures a growth mindset (link) in which learners value their mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning. Research shows that when grades are attached to assignments, learners see the work as a chore. When no grade is attached, they engage more deeply in learning. At TYBLA, we aim to nurture engaged learners and creative thinkers, not grade-earners. Colleges do accept many homeschool students as well as students from schools that do not use grades. As well, college is not the only path to success and we encourage parents to embrace many possibilities for their child’d post secondary school life.

From Degrading to De-Grading

Why college isn't (and shouldn't be) for everyone (+video)

In the Name of College! What Are We Doing to Our Children?


Learners cartoon porn comics and teachers work to develop the characteristics of grit that are important for success in any and all realms of life. Teachers role model these while nurture their learners to develop persistence and perseverance.


Commitment to Excellence in Teaching
We mobile porn movies place utmost value on the professional practice of teaching and as such expect our teachers to continually challenge themselves and grow. We follow Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. Each teacher’s professional growth plan will be available for view on our website.